Individual Aspect of Procedural Rhetoric Project

For my individual aspect of the procedural rhetoric project will be modifying the system behind my high school Fairfield College Preparatory School. Fairfield Prep is a private, Jesuit, all boys high school in the Town of Fairfield in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The school consists of about a thousand boys from all over Fairfield and New Haven Counties of Connecticut. The students were required to wear button down shirts with ties, khaki pants with belts, dress shoes, have properly trimmed hair, no facial piercings or tattoos and any violations of the dress code resulted in a “J.U.G.” (Justice Under God). If you were late to class, J.U.G. If a teacher thought you were being disrespectful, J.U.G. A detention consisted of the dean of students writing a passage from the bible on the board and you had to write that same sentence over and over again until you completed two full pages front and back. Since most of the students who attend Fairfield Prep don’t live in the town of Fairfield, more than half of the students had to rely on the Metro North Railroad line to get home. The Fairfield train station is over a mile away from the school so there is a “train bus” that will bring you to the train station. The bus to the train station stops running fifteen minutes after school gets out. The school has a 8:40-2:30 schedule but say you were to have a J.U.G., after school activities, practice for sports etc. that leaves you no choice but to walk to the train station and catch the next train. This has kids not getting home until 6 or 7 o’clock due to the commute.

The school is located on the campus of Fairfield University, which has many services that Bonaventure has such as a shuttle bus and they even have kiosks around campus for food. Even though Fairfield Prep was established many years before Fairfield University, Fairfield Prep students are ‘banned’ from using the campus’s services. Fairfield Prep students use them anyway because they simply don’t care. Fairfield Prep has a very strict curriculum where students are required to have four years of theology classes, three years of science, four years of math, three years of foreign language, one year of computer literacy, four years of English, four years of history and electives that include band, chorus and public speaking. In my hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut all of my friends that attended the public schools in my town took such interesting classes including cooking, hotel management, criminal justice, psychology, African-American studies and more.

If I were to modify the system of Fairfield Prep there would be a few things that I would change to make the students happier, have more convenient ways of getting home from school and be more prepared for their college career. Since the school is located on a university and the high school has a longer history, Fairfield Prep students should be able to at least use their shuttle buses to get to the train station to make their commute home much easier. Since more than half of the student population takes the train to get to school, teachers and the administration should be more lenient when it comes to getting to school a few minutes late. There can be multiple delays due to rain or snow and the school does not care one bit and they will give dozens of student’s detention (J.U.G.). It’s simply hands down not fair, especially since most of the students don’t even choose to attend that school; it’s their parent’s decision.

I definitely believe that the curriculum should be modified to offer a more diverse selection of courses to choose from. When I came to Bonaventure, I aced all of my religion classes because those were the most demanding classes I took at Fairfield Prep. I failed my psychology class because it was never offered at my school meanwhile a number of my classmates were having no problems in the class because they had taken psychology classes in high school. If the school wasn’t so strict on theology or history or English then maybe there would be room for a more expansive amount of classes to choose from for electives that truly do prepare students for college. The school cost eleven thousand dollars my freshman year and it was thirteen thousand dollars by the end of my senior year. You would think with a thousand students attending this school with that high of tuition they would be able to afford to supply more elective classes. A college preparatory school needs to start actually preparing their students for college because I didn’t feel like I really was.

Procedural Rhetoric Project Proposal

For the collaborative component of this project I will be working with the same group that I worked with for the last project, Caty and Zoe.

The three of us were trying to come up with a number of different ideas for switching up an already existing game for the project and the one that we came up with that we liked the most is the computer game called the Sims. The change we would add to the game would instead of a family situation with jobs and kids we were thinking that the Sims had a college/university kind of setting (Bonaventure). All of the characters in the game would be college students doing daily routines of what average college students normally do. The main motivation behind these changes is to give people a sense of what it is like to be in college and how being a student can be considered a full time job just like any other occupation. The person playing the game will have to keep up with classes, conferences, having a normal/healthy eating and sleeping schedule & studying for exams. This can give younger people a sense of what being in college is like. A lot of younger people play the Sims game of living as a functioning member of society but it is completely unrealistic.

For the individual component of the project, I will be designing a university as a certain kind of system. This school will be designed by the students themselves (kind of like a South Harmon Institute of Technology from the movie Accepted). The students design their own curriculum based on their individual needs for their major. The kind of experience I would want people to have while playing this game would be to truly comprehend everything they need to know about their major and truly prepared for the real world. In this game, students won’t be taking unnecessary classes that have nothing to do with their major and they truly comprehend everything in their field of study.

A small bite of the Big Apple – 5 reflections on New York.


“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” (Tom Wolfe)

New York is one of those places I hadn’t really wanted to go to. It was never on my ‘list’ of destinations and as someone who is not too fond of cities the Big Apple was not something I wanted to taste, or even nibble on. I often work in London and while I am fond of my own capital city I find the pace, the haste and the crush of people at times claustrophobic and in my mind New York would be a huge exaggerated version of this. I was wrong. It turns out I love New York City. So much so that I would go back in a heartbeat and four days was not enough. So here is my guide to New York for those that think…

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Life’s too short not to cherish its moments

Standing Ovation, Seated

We stare at ocean waves, get mesmerized by fire, gaze on mountains, and trace the silver lining of fancy clouds as if God left there calligraphic answers to questions we feel awkward to ask of other people, like “When are you going to get married?” or “Does your job pay well?”

Why do we love watching the elements?

Simple, I guess. While any of the elements in too much quantity is deadly, life is impossible without any one of them. We love watching them as long as we are in control, just as we crowd around tigers in a cage, and tend to run away when meeting them in person under less restricted circumstances for the dangerous species.

Water is especially…interesting. Air or fire are always the same except for pollution levels and intensity. Earth, as an element, offers a degree of variation, of course, but ultimately it is the…

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A walk with my camera

It just doesn’t feel like a weekend is complete without a photo walk but there are times when we can’t do anything about it.  One day is just not enough to do everything I want to do, especially when it involves hitting the snooze button a hundred times before getting out of bed and catching an afternoon flight.  There will be other days, so says a dear aunt of mine.

Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to make friends with people whom I haven’t met yet and this is our first meeting in person.  The best part is this being a photo walk in Navotas.


We arrived late in the afternoon just as the day shift was about to end.  No unwanted medical emergencies today besides the medicine cabinet suffering from a loose vowel.


The little girl didn’t want to be framed, so she slunk further back into the seat where she got caught between a truck and an SD card…

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System Analysis

One “system” that I chose to analyze is the game of Operation.

The main premise of the game is to “cure” a man who has ingested a number of things that are potentially fatal. The player must perform an “operation” in order to make this happen. The man has swallowed an Adam’s apple, broken heart, wrenched ankle, butterflies in stomach, spare ribs, water on the knee, funny bone, charlie horse, writer’s cramp, the ankle bone connected to the knee bone, wish bone, bread basket and brain freeze.

As all of these things are scattered among this man’s body you must try to successfully remove them without touching the barriers around it or else the man makes a buzzing noise and you have to try to remove the object again. You must use a pair of tweezers in order to remove any successfully. It is almost nearly impossible to remove all of the objects without setting off the buzzer in one try.

It is encouraged to be as careful as possible while removing the objects because you don’t want to set off the buzzer. The game gives the player a point of view as a surgeon working on a patient. If you’re going to have surgery, I’m pretty sure you would want a doctor who knows what they are doing and performs the surgery at a slow and steady pace. No one wants a surgeon who is rushing to get the job done. Trying to get the pieces out of the board at a fast rate is discouraged and will almost always lead to mistakes. Besides, the precision you need to have while removing the objects is what makes the game fun and interesting. The game is no fun if you don’t take it seriously and just try to remove all of the objects as fast as possible.

The player is able to have a sense of what it is like to be a doctor in a community filled with doctors and patients (a hospital).

The system of Operation plays the role of teaching individuals that it is a lot harder to be a doctor than most people think it is. There needs to be extensive education and experience which is shown through the difficulty of not being able to remove all of the objects properly in your first turn. There needs to be precision. The buzzer is pretty the system’s way of saying “you just killed your patient”. I think this system is very effective and it teaches people that not everything is as easy as it seems, even a board game.

The Beginning of the End

More needs to be done in the country regarding the bullying of school children/teenagers. If you are a victim of bullying, here is a place where you can come and find comfort among others that are struggling exactly like you are. We are a judgement free zone, you are loved and accepted here. The point of this blog is to spread a positive message to victims of bullying to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our main goal with the blog is to see the teenage suicide rate drop significantly. It is hard to change someone’s behavior but everything takes time. We also want bullies to visit our site so they can see the damage they are causing others with the hopes that they will change their ways. Being a teenager is hard enough, no one should make those years even harder for anyone. A lot of change needs to happen in this country and it will take time but the ending result with be more people living happier and healthier lives. #SpreadLove. There needs to be more of it in this world and it begins here.